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About the Potters' Guild

We are a non profit organization dedicated to the art of ceramics. A full working studio first established in 1969, we strive to share our knowledge, skill, and love of clay with each other, our students, and our community.

New members are accepted exclusively through our 2- year ‘
Visiting Potters’ program. Together the members assume full responsibility for the long-term management and ongoing operation of the Guild. Currently about 30 active members make up the Guild and, depending on space, we are usually able accept 1-3 new members annually. 

In the spring of 1969 an enthusiastic group of established and would-be potters met to discuss creating a potters’ guild. A steering committee was formed, by-laws were drafted, a parcel of land was acquired, and work parties were organized. By the end of that summer the Guild occupied its new quarters, a pole barn.  With a new gas fired kiln and studio equipment in place the Greater Lansing Potters’ Guild was up and running.

Here's a video about our 50+-year history.

The Studio
The Guild is well equipped for all aspects of the clay process: numerous potter’s wheels, a large slab roller, and a state of the art clay extruder all support a wide range of creative possibilities. We have a large gas reduction car kiln as well as soda, raku and electric kilns.
Our ‘clean' room houses an extensive library and serves as a gathering place for meetings and  get-togethers.
The 'clay and glazes’ room is stocked with all the raw materials necessary to mix our batch glazes. The clay mixer and pug mill allow us to reconstitute clay or make it from scratch.

The Guild offers classes to adults (over 18) throughout the year. Classes are taught by local professional ceramic artists and Guild members.

Our semi annual sales are held at the All Saints Episcopal Church 800 Abbot St, East Lansing. 
A longtime favorite community event, our sales showcase the work of every member of the Guild.
From all forms of functional dinnerware, to one of a kind artistic creations, wall art and whimsical jewelry, there is something for everybody. All functional dinnerware is food safe.

Community Outreach

The Potters’ Guild works throughout the year to support many  local events (Link)  that benefit our greater Lansing Community. We donate several hundred bowls each year to the Empty Bowls fund raiser for the Greater Lansing Food Bank. We also donate our work to the WKAR auction, REACH Studios, and the Lansing Symphony Orchestra. You can also find us doing pottery demonstrations at the East Lansing Art Fair and the Apple Butter Festival. Click here for more details about our programs.

This video will give you a nice sense for us and what goes into making pots.

Here's another feel-good clip about the Guild put together by WILX to feature fun and interesting places in and around Lansing.

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