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Plate, Barb Hyman

Base glaze: Tenmoku. Chun (blue), Staley (orange), and Peg's yellow slip (yellow) were applied with brushes or foam stamps. Black slip was used for the outlines and branches.

Bowl, Wenfen Pan

Base glaze: No craze clear Wax was applied with a loose, natural bristle brush, and left to dry. The bowl was then dipped in shige. Tip: dip your brush in a soapy solution before wax to protect the bristles when using it for pattern work.

Bowl, Deb Cole

Base glaze: #6 with Opax. Foam was then cut into the shape of a leaf and used as a stamp. Branches are black slip.

Plate, Maureen Nelson

This plate has layers of glaze as listed in the photo: NCC: No craze clear JC: Jackie's Celadon

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