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Liz Meyers

I am drawn to the nature of clay, that most primitive of media. I love the feel of it, the way it lends itself to expression. I like making everyday items for people to hold, that tell a story and demand the users’ attention; altering ware, inviting one to slow down, regard the piece from different angles and appreciate the moment of use.

Mud is dynamic. I am drawn to the way a good pot can take on a life of its own as it takes shape on the wheel. It starts by claiming personal space, causing me to work around it. Then it might pick up the vibration of the wheel and begin to hum its own song. Eventually it throws its own shadow. The woodfire  and soda firing processes are especially profound. Information is impressed on each piece, about its origin, the interplay of flame, soda or ash on the clay. All of these factors bring the piece to life, as if it continues to be immersed in fire.

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