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In Loving Memory

Ted Smith – Founding Member
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Audrey Tien, Mug.jpg
Audrey Tien – Founding Member

As a child in the 1930's, playing on the banks of the Conwy River in Wales, Audrey remembered the feeling of the soft clay between my toes. Little did she know at the time, a quarter of a century later, she would find myself on the other side of the Atlantic playing with clay on a potter's wheel. 

In recognition of members who have brought character, inspiration, knowledge,
and leadership to the Guild. Each of these people has left a lasting mark.

Ruth Borner - Founding Member
Margo Brodbeck
Sonja Cornell- Founding Member

Gretchen Foster - Founding Member
Phyllis Grunewald- Founding Member 
Harold Hart
Marie Keller  - Founding Member 
Rita Kubulins

Russ McKee - Founding Member
Nancy Plum - Special Member

Gert Sadoff- Founding Member
MaryLou Walworth
Joan Witter 
Heddy Zaldokas- Founding Member
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