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Visiting Potter Program

The Visiting Potters’ program is an opportunity for novice potters to participate in the experience of working in a cooperative clay studio. Visiting Potters accepted into the program have unlimited access to the Guild and work independently to improve their skills, both technical and aesthetic.
Visiting Potters also contribute to all aspects of running the Guild: assisting in the loading and firing kilns, the making of clay and glazes, and helping maintain the building, equipment, and grounds. Work participation in the semi-annual Guild sales is required, usually about 10-12 hours per sale. Selling of ware at these sales is voluntary.

Each Visiting Potter is assigned a specific mentor to guide them and provide feedback when warranted or desired. Other valuable resources include other Guild members, an extensive on-site library, and occasional clay workshops or field trips.

If selected, a person may be a Visiting Potter for a maximum of two terms. The first term is for 11 months, from March 1–January 31, with an annual fee of $350 plus a $50 key deposit.

The second term is for 12 months, from March 1–February 28, of the following year. The annual fee for the second term is $382 plus the same key deposit.

Each term requires a separate application, display, interview, and fee.

Depending on space and the discretion of the Guild membership committee,  we accept anywhere from 1 to 4 Visiting Potters a year.
For further information email:

Application Requirements
  • Advanced potting skills typically requiring 8-10 terms of pottery study or equivalent experience

  • Submission of a completed application form to be received by the membership chairperson no later than January 15

  • A display at the Guild to be set up on a date TBA that illustrates proficiency in forming and glazing techniques and artistic and creative understanding. Guidelines for the display include

    • Approximately 12 to 15 pieces of varied shapes and sizes made during the past two years

    • Functional pots with lids and handles or hand-built pieces with attachments

    • A body of work demonstrating the development of an idea

  • An interview with the Guild membership committee

Application Form:

For a printer-friendly pdf application form click here.

Selection Criteria

VP selection criteria include technical competence and artistic expression with clay, potential for growth, time availability, ability to handle financial obligations, and ability to function as part of an artist cooperative. Applicants seeking a second VP term are expected to show technical and artistic improvement. The number of VPs selected may vary, depending on space availability and the discretion of the membership committee.

Current First-Year VPs

Erica Beck 
Jav Caniff.jpg
Jav Caniff

Current Second-Year VPs

Lisa Castile.JPG
Lisa Castile
Liz Jones.JPG
Liz Jones
Brom Stibitz.JPG
Brom Stibitz
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