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Committee and Board Files

Documents and links for committee and board work.

If you need a document posted here for use, please contact the committee chair and have the document sent as a pdf, if possible, to (Sam)

Board Biz

President: Deb Cole

2024 Directory to edit.xlsx

Mailing Labels

2020 Active Member/Emeritus Label List

2020 Mail Merge

Committee Preference Form

Community Activities Committee

Chair, Liz Meyers

Guild logo.eps (eps files can be sized up or down without loss of resolution)

Guild logo.pdf

Education Committee

Chair: Liz Meyers

How to be a Lab Monitor

Class Assistant Orientation Sheet

Student Orientation Sheet handout

Student Handbook, 2022

VP Application form to edit/update

Class Schedule, 2023


Membership Committee

Chair: Margie Steinkamp and Liz Meyers 

VP Program Documents

GLPG Member Criteria.doc

VP Checklist.doc

VP Program Description.doc

VP Program Description.pdf

VP Application Form.docx

VP Application Form.pdf

VP Display Tips

Information Sheet for New VPs.doc

Information Sheet for New VPs.pdf

Guidelines for Potential VPs.doc

VP Acknowledgement Template.doc/docx

VP Acceptance Template.doc/docx

VP2 Termination Template.docx

VP2 Exit Questionnaire.doc

End of Year 1 VP Template.docx

VP2 Acknowledgement.doc

VP2 Member Questionaire.doc

VP2 Evaluation Form.doc

VP Evaluation  Form.doc

VP Rating.doc

VP1 Interview.doc

VP2 Interview.doc

VP Rejection Template.docx

VP2 AcceptanceTemplate.docx

Sales Committee

Chair: Barb Hranilovich

Sale Member Meeting Agenda Master to edit

Sales Jobs Descriptions Handout

Supplies Needed for Sales

Sale Meeting Signup Sheet

Sale Inventory List pdf
Sale Inventory List xls

Sale Potluck Signup Sheet

All Saints Table Layout Map, Main Rooms

Hold Table Information

Hold Table Signup Sheets

Casseroles and Platters Cards Master Sheet 

Number of Pots per Day and Tagging System

Mailing List Sign-up Sheet Master Sheet

Tote Bag Sign Master Sheet

Signup to get emails sheets

Tips for Pricing for Sales

Soda Kiln Committee

Chair: Barbara Hyman

Cochair: Wenfen Pan

Glazing tips and recommendations for soda

Soda Kiln firing information

Soda Kiln Stacking
Soda Kiln Vendor Resources


Chair: Madhu Anderson

Annual Dues and Clay Assessment Form

Website/Social Media Committee

Chair Social Media: Margie Steinkamp


Chair Website: Samantha Smith

Website tasks How-to Manual

Website maintenance master sheet 

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